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666 Thursdays w/ The Slyde, Chasing Shadows and A Couple Anancies

Foxx Lounge, 46 Dunlop St, Barrie, ON

The Crown

A Couple Anancies

Seize the opportunity! Seize the sleaze! Go for the ultimate crown, and let this be your rock n' roll soundtrack! Don't worry kids, Sex, Drugs and Alcohol were all used in the making of this album

Based out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada; A Couple Anancies is a 2 piece hard rock band. Their influences include the likes of Motley Crue, Queens of The Stone Age, Royal Blood, Twisted Sister and many more.

The Crown is "A Couple Anancies" debut album. Partnering up with Bleeker guitarist Cole Perkins, in the production chair, they are bringing hard rock and sleaze back from the dead. Starting off with the self empowering title track, "The Crown", is a perfect anthem for any rock n roll rebel. After that, it's all about having fun in life and never letting go. This is the perfect album to crank up, on your way out on the town. Doesn't matter if you're doing something naughty or nice!

Vox/Guitar/Bass - Vincent Hayz Drums - Colin McGuinness Producer - Cole Perkins

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