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666 Thursdays w/ The Slyde, Chasing Shadows and A Couple Anancies

Foxx Lounge, 46 Dunlop St, Barrie, ON

Vincent Hayz - Vocals/Guitars

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Vincent got his first guitar at age 12. This, many guitars prior to his prized Schecter Hellraiser, he sports today.
His summer in between Elementary and High School can be lamented by a musical epiphany. Watching video after video on YouTube, he stumbled upon a live clip of Motley Crue at the US Festival '83. The roar of the crowd, all chanting for...these dudes in leather and makeup? He had no idea what he was watching. However, it was the opening riff to Live Wire, where his life changed. From that point forward, Motley Crue, Mick Mars in particular, would be the catalyst to the musician you see today. The energy, the drive, and oozing charisma, shine brightly on any stage.
Following in the footsteps of The White Stripes, Royal Blood, DFA1979 and a select number of 2 piece groups, Vincent found a way to tastefully perform triple-duty. Often approached as to how he does it, but seldomly spills the details behind his wall of sound.

Colin McGuiness - Drums

Born in Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada, Colin found his passion to playing drums, at aged 13. From listening to "I Mother Earth" and "The Tea Party" he knew his calling. After a couple lessons, he embarked on his own musical journey.
Plugging in his headphones and blasting bands like Pink Floyd, QOTSA, Parliament Funkadelic, Foo Fighters and so much more, the influence grew.
He's been active in live bands for over 10 years, but A Couple Anancies is his latest and greatest adventure. If you're looking for smart, big and thunderous drums, this man is who you should relate to.