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666 Thursdays w/ The Slyde, Chasing Shadows and A Couple Anancies

Foxx Lounge, 46 Dunlop St, Barrie, ON

"A Couple Anancies" are a 2 piece original hard rock band, from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Musically, their songs exude the power of Royal Blood, meeting the cadence of Mötley Crüe.

On April 20th, 2018 "A Couple Anancies" released their debut album "The Crown". Partnering up with Juno nominee and "Bleeker" guitarist Cole Perkins, in the production chair, they are bringing arena hard rock and sleaze back from the dead. Starting off with the self empowering title track, "The Crown", is a perfect anthem for any rock n roll rebel. After that, it's all about having fun in life and never letting go. "The Crown" is the perfect album to crank up, on your way out on the town. Doesn't matter if you're doing something naughty or nice!

Following up their debut album, "A Couple Anancies" released their latest single "Superstar Smile" September 20th, 2019. Cole Perkins once again produced the single, with help "Bleeker" vocalist and brother Taylor Perkins. Superstar Smile is your quintessential bar meet up. The Clash said it best, "Should I Go Or Should I Stay". If you stay, then you have a fun night ahead of you. If you go, then it may just be you and yourself having fun at the end of the night. Release your inhibitions! Let Superstar Smile be your anthem to try new things, and take each risk head on! You never know what the future holds

Though they take great pride in their recorded material, seeing them live is the real treat. The charismatic frontman, Vincent Hayz, provides big riffs and loud vocals in conjunction with the thunderous drumming of Colin McGuiness, providing an unforgettable show.



Vincent Hayz - Vocals/Guitars

Colin Mcguinness - Drums